Social Responsibility with Office365

Social Responsibility

When we setup Purenetworking we wanted to make sure that we setup a company that would give back to the community and society in general.

So we built into the fabric of the business a corporate social responsibility charter that outlines four areas where the company, as it grows, will ensure its continues to limit its environment impact and make sure both our employees and local community benefit from our success.

1) Environment

We try to minimize our environment impact by allowing employees to work at locations that reduce their daily commute. We commit to recycle at least 90% of rubbish within our offices and put in policies to reduce of carbon impact across all our activities.

2) Trust

We ensure that we are open and honest with our employees and customers. If we don't know the answer to a question, we will tell you. All our work will be backed by integrity, quality and care.

3) Community

As our activities are world wide, we commit to be a good corporate citizen around the globe. We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and will turn down opportunities to work in areas that do not comply with this or treat people in a way that we do not deem fit.

4) Charitable Activities

Every year we chose a charity that we support and allow our employee's paid days off to support this in a practical way, be that by volunteering activities or by raising finance monies.

This year we are support the RSPB, please click the image below to give to this great charity

RSPB Supported Charity