Looking to migrate your files and folders over to Office 365, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business?

Our unique document migration services can move data from Dropbox, Gdrive, file servers, desktops or existing Onedrive or SharePoint sites to either Onedrive for Business or a SharePoint Online Team Site.

We can make sure file naming conventions are corrected prior to migration, sharepoint collection limits aren’t hit and we can even stage migrations so that departments or users can be moved over when you require.

Onedrive Migration

Key Benefits:

  • Fully project managed and planned
  • Fixed-price for easy budgeting
  • Seamless migration
  • Minimal business impact
  • File Migration from any source
  • Post-migration support

File Migration to SharePoint and Onedrive

We will migrate your companies files over to SharePoint Online or Onedrive seamlessly with no downtime or interruption for your business.

We can make a initial bulk copy of the data prior to your migration date then on the day just run a incremental sweep to just migrate the new or modified files.

We can migrate data from virtually any source; network drives, file servers, network shares and personal folders plus popular cloud storage vendors such as GDrive and Dropbox.  

Our service will ensure all your files comply with Office 365 standards such as naming conventions, file size restrictions, URL path length and Onedrive limitations.

Advanced features such self-service migration, allows users to migrate files to their OneDrive for Business. We can then monitor their migration progress to OneDrive for Business, tracking who has migrated and how much data they migrated.

Our service is fixed price and extremely competitively priced so to meet your budget.

If your looking to migrate your emails over to 365, please check out our complementary Office365 Email Migration service

Please do contact us and find out how Purenetworking can help migrate you to Office 365.