MS Access Online

Are you using a Access database in your business? Do you wish this was accessible anywhere? With Office365 you can migrate your MS Access database and host it in the cloud. We can help move your MS Access database Online using MS Access Web Apps.

Access Web App

MS Access Online

Microsoft Access have been around for over 20 years. Millions of people are running Access database on there desktops due to the power and ease at which you can create databases.

With Office 365, for the first time you can take your Microsoft Access Database online and get access to it from any machine and any device via a web browser.

The strong integration with SharePoint and new SQL backend make the MS Access database a new lease of life and brings it firmly into the online world.

Purenetworking are one of the few Microsoft Office 365 partners that support, migrate and help develop Online Access web app database for our customers.

If you like many people love there MS Access database but want to be able to access it via the web then why not contact us and help us move your database into the cloud.