Free Office365 Advice

Free Office365 Advice

FREE Office365 Advice and Assessment

Our FREE Office365 Advice and Assessment service is idea for any company or individual that is either thinking of moving to Office365, is already running Office365 or is about to migrate to Office365.

We provided this service because we found that there was a lot confusion among customers about what they could do with Office365, what impact it would have on the current systems or how it would integrate into there business.

Some customers already had IT staff but they just want advice on how best to migrate to Office365 or just wanted to go through a problem with an expert.

Finally we discovered that about 80% of people that were already running Office365 were either paying to much on licenses, had not configured all the DNS entries required or weren't using all the features of the product.

So if you are...

  • Thinking of moving to Office365
  • What to know which Office365 plan is right for you
  • Need to know how Office365 will impact your system or business
  • Would like advice or guidance on how to move to Office365
  • What a helping handing with how to setup Office365
  • Need to talk through an issue you have with Office365
  • Would like to check that you are not paying to much for your Office365 licenses
  • Confirmation that your Office365 system is setup correctly

Then contact us for your FREE Office365 Advice and Assessment.