Sample Kit

Extremely flexible and clean, SampleKit is a “one size fits all” theme for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Responsive Design

SampleKit is a fully responsive theme, so it automatically adjusts to any screen size. Get ready for mobile now!

2 Layouts

SampleKit is packaged with home and inner layouts. All the flexibility you need to create a great website!

Megamenus and accordion

Yes we included just about any possible navigation option. Regular navigation, horizontal and vertical, Megamenus, both horizontal and vertical, plus a cool vertical accordion.

Loaded with cool features

SampleKit includes CSS to style it all:

  • Great Typography
  • Several Table styles
  • Form elements styles
  • Buttons for all your needs
  • Badges and labels
  • Alert boxes
  • Progress bars
  • Pagination elements
  • and more!

Cool Widgets

A great website needs great widgets, and we’ve added some pretty cool stuff:

  • Responsive Carousel Slider
  • Accordion
  • Modal popups
  • Tooltips and popovers
  • Twitter roll
  • Flickr images

More sharing options